3D Printing Op-Ed Article Published by MedicalExpo

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3D Printing Op-Ed Article Published by MedicalExpo

Press Release: March 2, 2016, Chicago, IL — Dima Elissa — An op-ed article written by VisMed•3D’s CEO and Founder, Dima Elissa was published in MEDICALEXPO’s emagazine. Elissa wrote about the challenge of the ever-growing 3D printing industry, cost. FDA approval for the additive manufacturing processes is slowly taking shape, but until most are approved it will be rare for patients to receive insurance reimbursement, leading to a steep cost issue. Elissa writes, “If we can demonstrate that this process is intrinsically sterile, we would hypothetically be able to create patient-specific parts at an incredibly low cost.” Elissa went on to write about 3D printing changing the game. She stated that the implementation of 3D printing would solve the issue in low-income countries that previously couldn’t afford medical equipment. To read the full article click here.


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Dima Elissa is an impassioned serial techpreneur, focused on unleashing The Entrepreneur within. Elissa is the founder and CEO of VisMed-3D. In addition, she devotes energy and guidance on women founders and entrepreneurs in technology providing start-up experience and leadership.


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